January 9, 2012
First Text Try (or, as JK Rowling thinks of it, “My first billion.”)

This is my first text entry on this blog, which I think is a thing for the computer or something.  My only promises are that (a) my posts will largely be athematic and that (b) I will try to be funny when I can.  Primarily, I’ll use this space as a record:  of stuff I like, stuff I dislike, and — most of all — stuff I think about when I’m not thinking about what I should be thinking about.

I’ve entitled this blog, “Is anybody else cold?”  because I am an ice-cream cone and this blog is intended for other members of the frozen-treats community.  No, no:  actually, the title has a double-meaning.  Yes, I am often physically cold and therefore often ask others if they’re cold, usually so that we can hightail it out of whatever Frigidaire we’re sitting in.  But I also refer to the cool or — dare I say? — frigid attitude I sometimes wield, not because I am truly coldhearted (I am as emotional as they come), but rather because I so often find that a frosty demeanor shields me from unwanted vulnerability.  It’s in times like these, not incidentally, that I so often daydream — that is, think about stuff unrelated to whatever I should be thinking about.  So, I ask, in jest and in earnest:  Is anybody else cold?

January 9, 2012
"It’s a burden, being able to control situations with my hyper-vigilance, but it’s my lot in life."


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